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Offensive Football Systems, by Keegan Dresow

by Terry Matthews  |  @Gridironalytics   |  Published November 21, 2018

Image Credit: Cliff

Offensive play is becoming ever more significant in how football is played, some might even say – in the era of Mahomes and the Chiefs, Sean Payton’s Saints, and McVay’s Rams – it’s overwhelmingly the determining factor in how football games are decided, leaving defenses and defensive play a very poor second.

So understanding the modern nuances of offensive play, and how we got here, is more important than ever!

Cue Keegan Dresow's short work titled Offensive Football Systems, a book designed to act as a single point of reference that can explain a large amount of football schemes and terminology, from ancient, run-first systems like the Single Wing, right up to cutting-edge stuff like the Multiple offense and even the Pistol formation.

For each scheme in question, Dresow gives a short synopsis of how it functions, highlighting some advantages and disadvantages.

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The book also contains drawings of each formation, showcasing the offensive schemes in question and how the players line up within it, as well as diagramming the main plays associated with each scheme.

Sure there are more in-depth books out there covering much of the same content, but no book delivers said content in such a concise, digestible form as Dresow's Offensive Football Systems. Plus its available in both paperback form, and as an ebook via Amazon.com.

If you buy only one primer in order to understand the broad strokes of offensive play in football – this is it!.