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+ 2019 NFL Draft

Top 10 NFL Draft Experts

by Terry Matthews  |  @Gridironalytics   |  Published November 21, 2018

Image Credit: Cliff

Getting a handle on the top draft prospects coming out of college football in any given year is a challenge in itself these days due to the sheer number of draftniks chipping in with competing opinions.  Fear not however, as we've compiled a list of probably the top 10 draft experts currently working in the industry, as well as supplying links where to find them (just click their name). Enjoy!

 #10  - Mike Mayock  

Mayock is central to the NFL's coverage of the draft, providing in-depth commentary during the Combine and usually the first to give his reaction after a pick during the draft itself. Mayock knows his stuff, and his takes are normally excellent. Also provides numerous mock drafts during draft season.



  #9 - Lance Zierlein

Zerelein is a long-time contributor on NFL.com, and his takes on draft prospects go just enough against the grain and offer some fresh perspective in a hugely crowded market to earn him a place on this list. He is also a contributor to the mock drafts that appear on NFL.com in the lead up to the draft.


  #8  - Mel Kiper Jr

ESPN's resident draft guru, Kiper seems to have been around forever, and someone we’ve come to associate with the NFL draft much in the manner we associate Santa with Christmas. Unlike a lot of other elder statesmen of draft analysis, Kiper is still delivering solid evaluations, and continues to accurately connect college player with team need. When he starts surfacing on ESPN to give his draft takes, you just know draft season is upon us!



  #7 -  Joel Klatt

One of Fox Sport's top college analysts, and therefore a leading expert on the talent coming out of college in any given year. Klatt is a former college quarterback himself, which shines through when he's discussing talent, especially quarterbacks.



  #6 - Voch Lombardi

A Youtube-based draft analyst, Voch supplies some superb in-depth coverage of the NFL draft, and is entirely unafraid to go hard against the grain with some of his views, even going so far as to claim Malik McDowell was pound-for-pound a better prospect than Myles Garrett during the lead up to the 2016 Draft, supplying in-depth analysis why that might be. His stand-alone draft prospect profile videos are excellent and give solid pictures of the players they cover.

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Top 10 NFL Draft Experts

  #4/#5 - Daniel Jeremiah  /  Bucky Brooks

The NFL's draft analysis tag-team, Jeremiah and Brooks have been leading the charge on the NFL Network where draft analysis is concerned for a few years now. This happens mainly through their podcast Move the Sticks, but they'll also pop up on the NFL Network throughout draft season to deliver their verdict on the big prospects coming out of college.   



  #3 - Mike Renner

Renner is one of the guys behind ProFootballFocus.com, and one of PFF’s authoritative voices where the draft is concerned. His analysis via videos and write-ups in the lead up to the draft is always must-watch material, where Renner's substantial knowledge and eye for detail on the game is really showcased. With Renner you are getting professional-level takes and something not dissimilar to the kind of reports NFL chief scouts are delivering their head coaches.


  #2 - Louie Tee

Comprehensive is the word I think of when I think Youtube draft pundit, Louie Tee. Every year he delivers a number of long-form draft profile films on most of the top prospects, covering everything you'd want to know about the player in question. He also offers season-long analysis, and Redskins specials (he's a 'Skins fan for those of you unfamiliar with him), but it’s his draft analysis and the detailed reports he delivers on players is what lifts him above the competition and where he really shines.    



  #1 - Matt Miller

BleacherReport's NFL Draft guru, Miller delivers some of the most detailed, thorough and – in hindsight – accurate analysis of prospects coming out of college. Logging onto BleacherReport.com to check out his big board, mock drafts and read what he thinks of players is a necessity in the lead up to the draft. He also co-hosts an informal draft night coverage show with the excellent Simms and Lefkoe which, if your not a fan of the NFL's official coverage, might be more to your taste.